Ongoing Investor Relations Programme

Our result-oriented IR communications programmes are devised to help companies effectively plough in investors’ confidence and interests.

Objectives & Implementation

  • Enhance shareholders’ understanding of major corporate decisions
    • Assist in organising shareholders meetings
  • Identify key institutional investors
    • Conduct investor profile analysis
  • Facilitate mutual understanding
    • Provide presentation training
    • Prepare investor and analyst audits
    • Organise teleconference for overseas analysts/ investors
    • Arrange analysts and institutional investors meetings
    • Provide market updates to target analysts and investors
    • Prepare roadshows and presentations
    • Organise company/ plant visits
    • Arrange meetings with sell-side analysts and brokers
  • Maintain investors’ interest
    • Provide regular updates on company’s latest development
    • Explain major corporate decision through various means
    • Solicit discussion with stock commentators
    • Pitch for financial media coverage