IPO Communications Programme

Our extensive experience and expertise have led to various successful IPOs/ share placing for both Hong Kong and PRC companies. Our IPO clients range from emerging companies to major State-owned H share companies with billions of dollars of market capitalisation, as well as mainland companies seeking B-share listings in the PRC.

Objectives & Implementation | IPO Experience

  • Identify and package selling points
    • Offer strategic advice on positioning and marketing
    • Identify selling points and develop key messages
    • Identify major industry concerns and provide market analysis
  • Manage public perception of corporate image and generate favourable market sentiment
    • Map out tailor-made IR & PR activities for different audiences
    • Arrange accurate and positive media coverage
    • Provide presentation and media training
    • Counsel on effective interaction with investors, research analysts and journalists
    • Monitor relevant local media coverage
  • Build up investors’ confidence and interest in the company
    • Solicit analysts’ research reports
    • Generate favourable professional commentaries
  • Maintain secondary market momentum
    • Arrange stock columnist and broker meetings