Crisis Communications Consultancy Services

CorporateLink provides trouble-shooting crisis communications services to clients in different trades.

A crisis communications programme is aimed to prepare the management of a company to be alert of the early warning signals of a crisis and, in the event of a crisis, to execute swift and decisive action to contain the impact of a crisis.

About the programme │Experience

  • Discovery due diligence
    • Interview senior management & related parties
    • Identify key possible crisis
    • Prepare possible media/public reaction to the designed crisis scenario
    • Design a crisis scenario for mock-up drill
  • Crisis communications training with simulated scenario
    • Design role-play programme, including ambush interview
    • Discuss crisis communications ground rules
    • Division of labour among the company management in a crisis
    • Arrange venue set-up
    • Conduct crisis training with audio and visual aids
    • Prepare critique and review performance
  • Crisis communications manual
    Draft and prepare relevant procedures including:

    • Definition of crisis
    • A list of target audience in a crisis communications plan
    • Signal detection mechanism
    • Who and when to trigger a crisis communications plan
    • Identify crisis management team and define roles of team members
    • Crisis communications ground rules
    • List of scenarios
    • Post-event evaluation
    • Action checklist and log sheets